About Us

This is who we are

Origins and expertise

PEER Professional Excellence was founded July 1st 2012 by Johan Ravesloot and Renée Bresser, together with two others. After the first solid projects, our need to grow was translated into a hybrid team with both employees and team members from our ecosystem.​

Today, we are a high-quality ‘boutique’ consultancy firm, specialized in leadership development and professional excellence. 

​Our services are tailored to the DNA of your organization. We are passionate to work with you on a better business result and inspire you for a better future. We bring you our insights on the latest challenges, ensuring growth and business continuity.​

We immerse ourselves in your culture and your organization to ensure a fitting approach and solution and an uninterrupted execution of your business.  ​When solving a challenge, we align all the elements of the core business areas (leadership, organization and HR) in an integrated approach where all the elements work together in sync.

Our team, your PEERs

Our team members work from their own extended experience so we have a strong connection with every individual situation. We show craftsmanship and leadership in professional development with a personal approach linked to the context. All leading to professional excellence.

We really are your PEERs at many levels. ​And we are eager to get to know you!

The values that drive us


In recent years we have teamed up with Ruben Spaargaren to help him in his quest to become the world’s number one in wheelchair tennis.

At this moment, Ruben has a clear focus: his participation in the Olympic Games Paris 2024.​

What our clients say