Development toolkit

A good tool improves the way you work – A great tool improves the way you think

Understanding people is the basis for a successful collaboration. As a leader it enables you to allocate the right person to the right challenge and to understand what they need to be successful.


Assessments give employees the opportunity to better understand themselves and improve their In order to help employees to develop themselves, to give them insight into their current performance and their potential for future roles, assessments can be of great help. Assessments give employees the opportunity to better understand themselves and how to improve their craftsmanship. ​

Succession planning

Succession planning, or lack there of, is one of the most important failure factors in organizations. Many leaders underestimate the importance of succession planning. It causes a vacuum behind them, which has a strong inhibiting effect on leadership development. It also blocks the talent pipeline and discourages talents.

Never underestimate the power of the vacuum and create an organizational view of succession planning through continuous development. ​Be strong by daring to become redundant and by building the podium for your successors. ​

Development curricula

Over the years PEER has helped a lot of organizations to tailor their training portfolio and curricula to align with the company strategy and purpose. Such as a Project management learning journey with different certification levels to help the organization’s delivery become more predictable.

In the challenge to find the right talents for the right job, you can assess for the right available talents or train for the right future talents. ​



We create competence profiles by understanding your organization and its intention. Based on these profiles we choose the best assessment.


We collaborate with HR Organizer, as they provide the best assessments available. These are used more than 30 million times a year in 90 different countries. ​


The assessments we use are continuously validated globally. They are multilingual and easy to tailor for your organization.​


We dare to challenge you on your succession planning. Why does the team need you? Is it time for innovation, or are you still making a difference?​