Free Assessments

Combine self-reflection with an outside perspective

We see assessments as a necessary part of our programs. It is important to know where you stand when beginning the training. At what level are you personally and what do you have to learn around the subject of the training? In fact, we always use assessments at the beginning of every development program to objectify the baseline of development. Below you will find several free assessments that you can use.

Negotiation Styles by Thomas-Killman

The Thomas-Kilmann Instrument is designed to measure a person’s behavior in conflict situations. “Conflict situations” are those in which the concerns of two people appear to be incompatible.

Situational Leadership

There are many leadership styles that a leader can implement to be more successful in the workplace. One of these styles is situational leadership, which is when a leader adjusts their type of leadership to best suit a particular situation or task.



We create competence profiles by understanding your organization and its intention. Based on these profiles we choose the best assessment.


We collaborate with HR Organizer, as they provide the best assessments available. These are used more than 30 million times a year in 90 different countries. ​


The assessments we use are continuously validated globally. They are multilingual and easy to tailor for your organization.​