Workforce transformation

Develop your business by developing your people

The transformation of the workforce starts with insight in the current capabilities of your employees and a clear view of the strategy for the future

The demand for a more talented workforce goes beyond adapting to the new digital world. Unfortunately, in nearly every industry, the best talent is in perilously short supply. Almost 80 percent of chief executives around the world said that a lack of key skills threatens their business growth. 

Multi-skilled talents

Retailers need interface designers who understand customer experience. Banks and insurance companies need data visualization experts. Energy, automotive, and industrial companies need team leaders who can manage interoperable platforms.

Just about everyone is looking for employees adept in robotic process automation, materials science, or simulations with machine learning that can predict outcomes and streamline processes. 

They also need people who can master softer skills, such as managing teams effectively, gaining trust, working across boundaries, or applying neuroscience findings to increase their own stature and influence.

All these talents are hard to find, so one of the answers can be to develop and upskill the current workforce.


But you also need to rethink your jobs: redesign the workflow, combine positions, add others, and probably eliminate some. Be creative in finding and onboarding people. Finally, you must fill your enterprise with opportunities for continuous self-renewal via modern learning strategies and digital technologies, so that becoming adept in new technologies is just part of everyday life.​

A workforce transformation brings all elements together, oriented to your context and your organization specifics.

Lead and engage

A workforce transformation must be led directly by the top executives of the organization, since your organization’s success depends on the commitment of all your employees.

In a successful transformation, you’ll do more than approve a budget and hold the leaders accountable; you’ll take part in the learning efforts yourself, engage in teaching others, and use this transformation as a genuine opportunity to improve your own skills and those of your direct reports.​

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