Project Management

Just as leadership is always contextual, so is project leadership

Our vision and how we can collaborate

The discussion in the Netherlands is often about the methodology of project management, while the methodology is actually subordinate to the goal. Most of our clients we visit, have similar issues when it comes to managing projects. Whether they do this in a waterfall method or whether they use agile, does not matter. Ultimately, the project leader makes the difference. In the end it’s about taking charge and ownership. And as a project manager you always have to be sharp.

Whichever method you choose, it is essential that you do the project well and never make the method sacrosanct. Make sure you start and close your project properly. It’s all about leadership, in that you have to know how you function. You can learn a tool, but if you don’t understand how you deal with it yourself and what your own influence is on the whole, then that tool will never work. So it’s about the insight you have in your work. Insight into what you have, what needs to be done and why you are doing something. That is much more important than which method you use.

The ‘Why’ of projects is very often passed over too quickly. Based on the ‘why’ question, you get a clear picture of what ultimately needs to happen and which method is best to use. It is useful to have a method to make a project controllable, manageable and transparent, but not to get the delivery done properly. That is more dependent on the project manager.

We think that many more organizations work on a project basis without being aware of it themselves and without actually structuring it in that way. As a result, many organizations struggle with getting projects done. As soon as they start structuring it on a project basis, it will work for them. Only then they can define the beginning and the path to success much more clearly, they will focus on the ‘why’ question and are able to actually answer it clearly. Moreover, they gain ownership and can hold people accountable. That will get projects done.

Ultimately, the project leader makes the difference. In the end it’s about taking charge and ownership


With our years of experience with many different projects, both nationally and internationally, both Agile and Waterfall, we are also available as interim project leaders. We will always not only lead the project from our interim position, but also enable the internal organization to take over the project again. For us, it is not only the management of the project for which we are invited. It is also to ensure that things run more effectively in the project’s environment.


Our analysis always starts with the question of what your project organization looks like. Is there an optimal organization or not? We take a critical look at whether a reorganization is necessary and then look at which curriculum best supports this. We look at the full breadth of what is available and how we can optimize it. Setting up a project management curriculum is actually the last step in this.

We make it work in the context of the customer

We have an entire training curriculum available for both Agile and Waterfall. We provide many project management training courses at various clients in different industries. But it is not that we train for a particular path. We make it work in the context of the customer. So whatever tool is used and whatever method is chosen, it doesn’t matter. We take that as a given and then we make it work with the people who get to work with it. We’re not going to redesign the process or explain the tool again. Just as leadership is always contextual, so is project leadership.



We have many years of experience in various organizations and contexts. We are used to being partners in the operation and strategy of project management


We have our own style of project management. We always adapt this style to your context though, to make our project leadership a success.​


We have many different partners and consultants who are qualified and thrilled to make a meaningful impact. This makes us versatile and always ready to go and knowledgable in your context.