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We help professionals work... Together

Organizational development has its focus on integrating the company strategy into the daily activities and processes, bringing a transformation to your workforce, in order to continue delivering the best results.

Aligning your workforce to your organizations’ direction and goals is a tough feat when you have to work with the added challenge of distributed teams and having to lead remotely.

In practice we often see a disconnect between some of the most crucial roles to the organization and the organization’s mission, vision and strategy.​

These roles (understandably) focus primarily on the daily activities and not on the future, which results in a need for optimization of operational excellence.

PEER will help you professionalize your workforce in change, sales and project management. We create awareness on how to practically apply the most current methodologies to contribute to the organizational strategy and we provide guidance on how to let (distributed) teams perform together. So, we help professionals perform, together!​​​



We help translate organizational intentions into manageable and challenging goals that employees can commit to.​


We approach organizational development from the individual employees’ perspective (in relation to the organizational objectives), because they ultimately make the difference!​


PEER masters the most important methodologies in these areas and knows how to make them work for your organization.​


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Remote leadership for distributed teams

Remote leadership for distributed teams

Remote work is not new, but over the last years it has grown immensely, together with the leadership challenges related to it. The shift to taking all meetings virtually is a challenge, it’s hard to build relationships and trust with a camera. The level of interaction many of us are used to isn’t possible working remotely. As a …..

Workforce transformation

Workforce transformation

The right competencies are hard to find, so one of the answers can be workforce transformation: rethink your jobs; redesign workflows; continuously develop your workforce; combine or even eliminate positions and be creative.​